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Chaos at the Park || Heya

Tagged: Heather Morris and Naya Rivera
Location: Park, Heather’s Place
Time Frame: Saturday Afternoon April 6th
Notes: Naya brings Heather on a picnic to the park to try and get her mind off things with Big Sean. Big Sean ends up finding them there which leads to absolute chaos. 

Naya needed to spend the afternoon with Heather after everything that had happened last night. She couldn’t believe Big Sean was being that immature and saying stupid shit when it wasn’t even true. She didn’t blame Heather for being upset but now she just had to try and make her forget about it, showing her how much she loved her. She decided a picnic in the park would be nice since it was a beautiful day and all. She was in the kitchen getting some of their favorite snacks and drinks together as she waited for Heather to come down.

Heather was upset from this whole stupid Big Naya PR fiasco. How dare that prick say that he was sleeping with her fiancee. She’d never felt more angry in her life, and she wanted to rip Sean limb from limb and toss him to angry Piranhas. But Naya had insisted that they just spent the day together instead. She finished pulling her hair up into a messy bun before heading downstairs and towards the kitchen where Naya was. “Hey,” she mumbled, grabbing a bottle of water from the refrigerator.

Naya put some food in the basket and got a blanket together, folding it to put right on top. She smiled softly when Lucy came running into the kitchen. “Hi, princess. I’ll feed you now,” she said, sighing as she got the food out of the cabinet, putting it into her bowl. She then put some water right next to her and looked up at Heather who had entered the room. Naya swallowed hard and watched her go to the fridge. “Hi,” she said shakily. “I..um. I was hoping we could go to the park for a picnic?” She asked, hoping Heather would agree.

Heather looked over at Naya as she suggested going for a picnic. “Sure. Sounds good. Are you sure that your PR is going to tell you that you have to go with Sean instead, though?” She said bitterly. Heather knew that this wasn’t Naya’s fault, but she couldn’t help but be snarky and nasty about it all. She hated how this douche got to say those things about her fiancee. Naya was hers and nobody else’s, and she wished she could tell the world that.

Naya swallowed the lump in her throat as Heather replied sarcastically. She understood why she was so upset and angry about it but Naya didn’t know how to fix it. She was just trying to make sure Heather knew she hated it just as much as she did and that she only loved her. “I think we’ll be fine,” she said quietly, grabbing the picnic basket and heading to the front door. She was trying to be nice and she hoped Heather wouldn’t be this bitter about it the whole time.

Heather nodded when Naya said she thought they’d be okay. She sighed heavily as she pet Lucy who had jumped up onto the chair. She followed Naya out of the front door, looking down at the floor as she walked to the car. She got into the passenger seat and rubbed her bump which was getting even huger now before putting her seatbelt on. “Has he contacted you today?”

Naya headed towards the car and put the basket and blanket in the backseat before heading into the driver’s seat. She started the car and pulled out of the driveway heading towards the park. She swallowed hard when Heather asked if he contacted her today. “Uh..yeah. But I haven’t answered,” she mumbled, gripping the steering wheel tightly and staring straight ahead.

Heather felt her fists clench at her sides as Naya said that he had contacted her. He needed to leave her the fuck alone before Heather took matters into her hands. “What did he say?” She asked, trying to remain as calm as possible, despite feeling the anger bubbling up inside her.

Naya pursed her lips as Heather asked her what he had said. She didn’t want to make this worse and honestly they were supposed to be forgetting about it all. “It doesn’t matter, okay? I’m ignoring him and soon he’ll get the hint,” she muttered, hoping that he would. She sighed and pulled into the parking lot of the park, shutting the car and sighing heavily.

Heather frowned when Naya said that it didn’t matter. Of course it mattered, and Heather definitely didn’t like that her fiancee was trying to keep secrets. “Stop trying to keep it from me, it makes it worse. What did he say?” She asked again, turning her head to look straight into Naya’s eyes once she’d shut the car off.

Naya closed her eyes tightly as Heather spoke, listening to her tone. She knew she shouldn’t keep this from her even if it was going to piss her off and make her more upset. “He just..um. He just asked me if I had heard…what he said last night..and then that he wanted to see me soon and he called me baby and everything…” She mumbled quietly, playing with her hands nervously as she waited for Heather’s reaction.

Heather felt her nails digging into her palms as Naya told her what he had said. What a fucking stupid bastard. Son of a bitch. She wanted to kill him. She unfastened her seatbelt and got out of the car, slamming the door before storming off towards to the park gates. What a fucking idiot. How dare he call her fiancee baby and tell her he wanted to see her soon. She was going to murder him, and she was going to make sure it was a long and torturous event.

Naya watched Heather storm out of the car and head to the park. She bit down on her lower lip nervously as she quickly followed her, grabbing the basket and blanket as fast as she could. “Babe, slow down…” She said, catching up to her and grabbing her hand. “Baby, come on. Look at me,” she said, cupping one of her cheeks. “It doesn’t matter what he says, okay? I love you. Only you. I don’t want you to stress over this. It’s not good for our little boy. Please,” she pleaded, staring into her eyes.

Heather stiffened when Naya caught up to her and grabbed her hand. She didn’t want to yell at her, but she feared that she might with the way her hormones were heightening every emotion. When Naya cupped her cheeks and looked at her, she looked into her eyes. Her own were welling with tears from anger and upset, and she bit her lip as Naya told her that she loved only her. “I love you too. And I just want him to leave you alone. You’re mine…” She said softly, sniffling as a tear rolled down her cheek.

Naya frowned slightly and felt her heart breaking as Heather started to cry. She hated how upset she was about this and she just wanted it to all go away for her. She pulled her into a tight hug and sighed heavily, rubbing her back. “I’m yours. Only yours,” she whispered while trying to soothe her. “You have something that no one else has and will ever have? You wanna know what?” She asked before taking one of Heather’s hands and putting it right over her own heart. “This,” she whispered, staring up at her.

Heather wrapped her arms around Naya, trying to get as close to her as possible as her baby bump was in the way. “Good,” she whispered, squeezing her tighter as her hands gripped her shirt. She nodded and bit her lower lip nervously when Naya asked her if she wanted to know what she had. She smiled a crooked smile as her fiancee put her hand over her heart. She kept her hand there as she leaned in and kissed her, letting their lips linger against one another’s for a few seconds. “I love you.”

Naya smiled into the kiss, kissing her as passionately as she could. She wanted Heather to know how much she loved her and that she didn’t have to worry about any guy. “Come on, let’s relax,” she said, taking her hand and picking up the blanket and basket again. She headed to a nice empty spot and laid the blanket down before sitting on it, gesturing for Heather to join her.

Heather stroked Naya’s cheek as she pressed their foreheads together. She knew that this wasn’t Naya’s fault and that she had to stop being mad towards her, but she couldn’t help it. Her jealousy was out of control sometimes when it came to her. She followed Naya with a smile and nod, trying to find a way to get down on the floor when Naya told her to sit by her. She got down on her knees before sitting on her butt, chuckling slightly. “He makes life difficult,” she mumbled, pointing to her bump.

Naya chuckled softly and frowned when Heather tried to get comfortable on the ground. “Yeah, I guess I didn’t really think this one through,” she said sheepishly, hoping Heather could find a comfortable position. “I’m sorry,” she frowned, pulling the blonde close so she could lean against her. She wrapped her arms around her from behind and rested her chin on her shoulder. “Love you so much,” she whispered, placing a kiss on her cheek.

Heather smiled and shook her head. “No need to be sorry, babe. It’s great. It’s just hard for me to move around as freely as I used to,” she said with a shrug of her shoulders. She sighed and leaned back against Naya, cuddling into her arms and resting her hands on her fiancees. “I love you too, baby. More than anything in the universe,” she whispered, turning her head to kiss her.

Naya smiled slightly and nodded. “Yeah, I see that. It’s okay, babe. Soon he’ll be out of your belly and he’ll be right in between us on these picnics,” she said, grinning at the thought. She held Heather protectively as she stared out into the space, thinking about how lucky she was to have Heather. She smiled into her kiss and placed on hand on her cheek, groaning when she heard her phone chime. She swallowed hard, hoping it wasn’t who she thought it was.

Heather grinned brightly when Naya mentioned how their little boy would be between them soon. “I can’t wait,” she sighed, rubbing her stomach. She snuggled back against Naya, enjoying the kiss and nuzzling her head against her cheek. When she heard her phone chime, her body froze and she exhaled heavily before turning her head to look away. If it was Sean, she was going to lose her mind.

Naya swallowed hard and reluctantly pulled away from Heather, pulling her phone out of her pocket. When she saw whose name it was on the screen, she felt her stomach churn, dropping the phone on the blanket and pulling Heather closer. She leaned in to kiss her passionately again, burying her hands in Heather’s hair and trying to distract herself.

Heather knew who it was the moment Naya dropped her phone. She started to pull away, but when Naya leaned in and kissed, she couldn’t help but kiss her back. She moaned against her lips as she slipped her tongue into her mouth, needing to claim her as their tongues fought for dominance. She knew she was going to be angry again the moment the kiss ended, but for now she just wanted to enjoy the moment and forget Sean even existed.

Naya continued kissing Heather passionately, glad she didn’t pull away. She wanted this kiss to last forever, so they could forget about everything else that was happening on the side. She let out a moan when Heather slipped her tongue inside her mouth, Naya doing the same. After a few moments she pulled away, only to start pressing kisses all over Heather’s face.

Heather kissed Naya as passionately as she could, feeling herself begin to get lightheaded and breathless. When Naya pulled away and started pressing kisses to her face, Heather giggled and scrunched up her nose before cupping her cheek and pressing their lips together again. She just wanted everything else to go away, and for her and Naya to remain as happy as they were in this moment for the rest of their lives.

Naya smiled as Heather let out a giggle, scrunching her nose and just being adorable. She lived for these moments, seeing Heather so happy to be with her and she wished it would always be like that. She pulled away slightly and stared into her eyes, cupping her cheek and stroking it with her thumb gently. “You’re amazing and I love you so much,” she whispered, hugging her once more before pulling away and looking around.

Heather smiled as Naya cupped her cheek, and she turned her head to kiss her palm. “I love you too, baby,” she whispered, hugging her back. When she noticed Naya looking around, she frowned slightly and bit her lower lip. “What are you looking for?” She asked.

Naya smiled as Heather kissed her palm, staring into her eyes. She bit down on her bottom lip when Heather asked her what she was looking for. “Oh um…nothing. Just making sure we’re still alone, that’s all,” she said nervously, really not wanting Sean to show up and find her or something.

Heather frowned when Naya said that she was making sure that they were alone. “Are you worried that he’s going to show up?” She asked, hating that the dumb prick was making her girl so nervous. “I’ll claw his eyes out if he does, don’t worry. I won’t let him near you unless you want him to be.”

Naya sighed and stared down at her hands as Heather spoke. She knew Heather already knew what was going on now and she didn’t want to ruin the mood. “I just…I mean, I like him. As a friend. I thought that’s what we were. But then when he said all that stuff last night, it made me angry. But now he wants to try and make it up to me or something,” she mumbled, staring back at her phone.

Heather sighed heavily. “I don’t want him trying to make anything up to you. He said what he said. He was a disrespectful cunt. If he comes anywhere near you or touches you I’ll kill him. He shouldn’t of did what he did. He’s a cocky twat.”

Naya listened as Heather spoke and swallowed hard. She knew the blonde had a right to be mad, but Naya sensed that she was very mad and at this point she didn’t want her anywhere near Sean, knowing it wouldn’t end well. She decided to stay quiet and take out some stuff from the picnic basket, opening the container of fruit and putting one in Heather’s mouth.

Heather was pleased that Naya remained silent on the threatening Sean subject. Heather was going to beat the crap out of him once she got her hands on him, and there was nothing Naya would be able to do to stop her. She smiled as Naya put a piece of fruit into her mouth and chewed it slowly before swallowing. She then grabbed a strawberry and put it between her teeth, leaning in towards Naya for her to bite it.

Naya smiled as Heather took the piece of fruit and ate it slowly. Once she put one in her mouth and leaned in, Naya smirked and bit the other end before nipping Heather’s bottom lip playfully, chewing slowly while winking at her fiancee. Once she was done chewing she took out a bottle of water and took a few sips, trying not to think about anything else.

Heather smirked as Naya leaned in and bit the other end of the strawberry. When she nipped her lip, Heather let out a small groan. She giggled as Naya winked at her and nipped her cheek playfully. When she saw her drink her bottle of water and seem to look a little blank, Heather pushed her down onto her back before straddling her hips. “I love you,” she whispered, grabbing her hands and intertwining their fingers as she pinned them above her head and leaned down to kiss her.

Naya dropped the water bottle, caught off guard when Heather all of a sudden straddled her hips. She stared up at her and leaned back against the blanket. “I love you too,” she whispered, letting her grab her hands, pinning them above her head as they started kissing. She slipped her tongue inside her mouth and moaned at the contact, bucking her hips gently as they continued kissing passionately.

Heather moaned softly when she felt Santana’s warm tongue enter her mouth, letting her own swirl around her fiancees. When Santana bucked her hips up, Heather nipped and sucked at her lower lip as she ground down against them. “You’re so beautiful, so sexy, so wonderful. And best of all you’re my girl. All mine,” she purred, moving her lips to her neck and sucking at her pulsepoint, marking Naya as her own.

Naya smirked up at Heather as she spoke. “All yours,” she purred, bucking her hips as Heather still had a hold of her hands. She groaned and bit down on her lip as she felt the blonde sucking her pulsepoint, definitely making a mark. She knew that Sean wouldn’t want to mess with Heather. She was possessive and jealous and Naya thought it was the hottest thing ever.

Heather grinned triumphantly when Naya agreed that she was hers. She continued to suck at her neck as she ground down against Naya’s hips, nipping and licking at the skin once she’d pulled away to admire her handiwork. She giggled and bit her lip before moving her lips to the other side of her neck to leave a mark that side too, wanting everybody to know that Naya was hers and that they couldn’t have her no matter how much they wanted her or tried to make her theirs.

Naya smirked and chuckled softly as Heather looked back at her marks, obviously satisfied. “Such a smug little shit. That I love more than anything,” she grinned, staring up at Heather and pulling her hands away to bury them in the blonde’s hair. She moaned and closed her eyes when Heather started doing work on the other side of her neck, clearly wanting to mark her up as much as possible.

Heather bit down on Naya’s neck when she called her a smug little shit. “I love you too,” she smirked. She licked up Naya’s neck as she felt her hands tangle in her hair, and left another mark. She then pulled back and looked down at her fiancee. “Hmm, where can I mark next?” She said thoughtfully. She looked at Naya’s chest and delicious cleavage before moving her lips to just above her right breast, sucking to leave a mark.

Naya smirked and sighed contently as Heather continued sucking on her neck. If this was what she had to go through when Heather got jealous, she wasn’t going to complain at all. She smirked and shrugged when Heather asked where she could mark next. Once Heather started sucking right above her breast, she let out another loud moan and bucked her hips. “Mmm….” She hummed, loving the feeling.

Heather licked and nipped at the mark when she heard Naya moan. She then lifted up her shirt, shimmy down the blanket and laying between her legs as she attached her lips to her stomach to mark her abs. “All mine,” she growled, nipping sharply at the skin before soothing it with her tongue.

Naya licked her lips and smiled down at Heather who was moving down her body. She anticipated what was next, knowing Heather was far from finished. She groaned when she felt the blonde marking her abs, Naya sliding her hands under the blonde’s shirt. She smirked and pulled her closer, feeling herself getting very turned on from a possessive Heather.

Heather smirked as she felt Naya’s hand slide beneath her shirt. She licked all over her abs, and nipped at them too, leaving several marks here and there. There would be no mistaking who Naya belong to now. She then pulled her pants down just enough to reveal her hips, moving her lips to one of them and sucking and the skin as her thumb stroked the other.

Naya groaned as she looked at all the marks all over her body. She knew she had a photoshoot later and she’d have to cover them all up but it was totally worth. “You’re such a bad girl,” she purred, leaning up and resting on her elbows as she stared down at her. She lifted her hips up to give Heather better access as she slid down her pants, sucking on the hipbone which caused Naya to groan another time.

Heather giggled when Naya called her a bad girl and shrugged. “Can’t help myself,” she husked. She moved her lips to her other hip, marking that one too before kissing along the waistband of her panties. “If we weren’t in a public park, I’d totally be fucking you right now,” she sighed.

Naya smirked and shook her head while chuckling, watching Heather give the same treatment to her other hipbone. She moaned when Heather started kissing the waistband of her panties. “Oh I know you would be,” she breathed out, bucking her hips. “But I’m definitely loving what’s happening right now anyway,” she said, completely oblivious to the car that was pulling up.

Heather smirked and nipped at her skin when she bucked her hips. “Mm, me too,” she whispered, running her tongue along the waist band now as she squeezed her thighs. She moved her mouth to her inner thigh, biting it through her jeans and winking up at her before moving back up her body to press their lips together in a heated kiss again.

Naya felt a slight throbbing in her center as Heather started running her tongue along the waistband of her underwear. She wished that they could fuck right then and there but she knew they couldn’t. She bit down on her bottom lip while moaning as she felt the blonde biting her inner thigh through her jeans. Once Heather pulled her up to kiss, Naya wrapped her arms around her neck and returned it. After a few moments she heard someone calling her name, swallowing hard at the familiar voice.

Heather knew that she was turning Naya on and making her want her, and she loved knowing it. She knew she was being an awful tease too, but she was definitely going to please her once they were home. She sucked on her lower lip as she felt her arms wrap around her neck. When she heard someone call out Naya’s name, she froze. She knew who it was before even turning around to look, and she felt herself growl protectively as she stayed on top of the brunette.

Naya swallowed hard as Sean got closer, Heather staying on top of her definitely on purpose. She cleared her throat and looked up at him as best she could without Heather in the way. “How…did you know I was here?” She asked, staring up at him. “I was just drivin’ by. You didn’t answer my texts, baby,” he said, causing Naya’s stomach to drop. “Sorry. I’ve been a little busy,” she said as if it were obvious.

Heather felt her blood boil when Sean called Naya baby. And she felt it boil even more when Naya didn’t even correct him, leaving it down to her. “She’s not your fucking baby. Fuck off,” Heather spat, turning to look him dead in the eye.

Naya swallowed hard as Heather spoke, spitting words at him that were definitely going to piss him off. She couldn’t believe this was happening and she really didn’t want to get in the middle of this right now. “Easy, little girl. I’m just playin’ around,” he said, half chuckling which Naya knew was going to make it worse. “Nay, come on. Can we talk for a few?” He asked, Naya not knowing what to do. “Now isn’t a good time, Sean. I really think you should go…”

Heather was getting progressively angrier as Sean continued to speak. She got up off Naya and stood in front of him. “You need to back the fuck up and get the fuck away from me and my fiancee. She doesn’t want you, she isn’t your baby, and she certainly didn’t fuck you. You just wish she did!” She yelled, shoving him towards his car.

Naya ran a hand through her hair as Heather got up off of her, knowing this wasn’t going to be good. She quickly got up and got ready to intervene, knowing Heather was going to freak out on him. The worst part was that Sean kept laughing, knowing that would piss Heather off even more. “It’s okay,” she whispered to Heather, pulling her back from him once she shoved him. “I’ll talk to you later, Sean. Seriously,” she said sternly, sighing as he winked at her before heading to his car.

Heather struggled to get away from Naya when she caught him winking at her. “Get off me!” She yelled, now in a blind rage. Once she broke free of Naya’s grasp, she ran towards him, shoving him from behind. When he turned around, she swung a punch at his face, catching his nose. Whilst he was practically crying like a bitch about that, she kneed him in his balls. “And the next time you come near her, I’ll rip them off! Pregnant or not pregnant, I will destroy you!”

Naya sighed heavily as Heather yelled at her, shaking her head. She took a deep breath and tried to relax, not even knowing what to say or do anymore about this situation. She watched Heather beat the crap out of Sean while he just took it all, knowing he wouldn’t hit her back. Naya went back over towards them and tried to intervene for a second time, but Heather wasn’t having it. “This is hardly it for Naya and I, princess. Just you wait,” he said, Naya closing her eyes and rubbing her face with her hands.

Heather growled when he said that it wasn’t it for him and Naya, literally clawing at his face. She wanted to kill him. She was pretty sure that if there was a knife or something sharp near her, she’d of stuck it in him by now. “Fuck off!” She screamed, just wanting him to leave. She never wanted him near Naya ever again, and she was going to make sure it didn’t happen.

Naya sighed as Heather started getting angrier. This stress wasn’t good for the baby and it was making her nervous. “Sean, seriously. Go,” she said, pointing to his car while staring at him. “We’ll talk later,” he said, blowing a kiss at her before heading back to his car. She sighed in relief once he was finally there, pulling away. Naya swallowed hard and stared at Heather, not even knowing what to say. “Just relax, okay? Little boy must be freaking out right now.”

Heather went to swing for him again as he blew a kiss at her fiancee, but luckily he headed towards his car. She could feel that she was still shaking, and she was surprised that she wasn’t foaming at the mouth with rage or something. She could feel pains in her stomach, and she knew that she’d gone too far and stressed out too much. She moved her hands down to rub it, feeling the baby going crazy.

Naya swallowed hard and started panicking as Heather stayed quiet, knowing that she really must have gone over board and now the baby was flipping out and causing pain. She placed her hands on Heather’s stomach and started rubbing it gently, trying to calm the baby down. “It’s okay, little boy. Mommy’s okay. So is Mama. We both love you tons,” she whispered, placing a kiss on Heather’s stomach while still rubbing it.

Heather was still furious, and she couldn’t calm down. She just couldn’t. She tried to relax as Heather kissed and rubbed her stomach, but it still wasn’t working. She’d gone past angry, and she was just plain fuming. And she wasn’t going to be able to chill out until she knew Sean would definitely stay the hell away from her girl.

Naya sighed as she sensed that Heather was still angry, not calming down at all. She was trying to calm down the baby but she knew her fiancee was a different story. She didn’t even know what to do to make her relax, but she knew that they should definitely go home. Naya pulled away from Heather to grab the basket, putting everything inside before folding the blanket and picking both things up. “Lets go home,” she mumbled, knowing her idea obviously backfired as usual.

Heather stayed where she was as Naya packed up their stuff. The day was ending up going to so nicely, and then Sean ruined it for them. She nodded as Naya said they should go home, heading towards the car as she kept her hands on her stomach, continuously rubbing it an attempt to keep the baby calm, even though it wasn’t really working because she was still angry herself.

Naya unlocked the car and put the blanket and picnic basket inside before heading into the driver’s seat. Once Heather was settled, she backed out of the parking lot and started heading back to their place. “I’m really sorry that all happened,” she mumbled, not knowing what else to say. She glanced at the clock and knew she’d have to leave for her photoshoot soon and it was horrible timing at its finest.

Heather stayed silent as she got into the car and fastened her seatbelt. There was nothing she could say to make any of this better, so she preferred to stay quiet. “It’s fine. It happened. He was a prick. I beat the shit out of him. Nothing can change the events,” she replied, looking out of the window. She knew that Naya was going to be leaving her soon to go and do her photoshoot, and that she’d be along with nothing but her thoughts to keep her company. And she knew that she was probably going to drive herself crazy.

Naya sighed at Heather’s tone, knowing she was still really annoyed. Now all they could do was probably cool down separately and hope that after a while Heather would relax and forget about it. Now that she had her photoshoot, that seemed like the only option anyway. “Okay,” she mumbled quietly, pulling into their driveway. She got out of the car and took the contents out of the backseat before heading towards the front door, sighing heavily at how stressful the day had been.

Heather got out of the car once they’d pulled up at home. She got out of the car and headed to the door, unlocking it before heading straight upstairs to the bedroom. Her stomach was still hurting, and she just wanted to lay down with Jenny and forget the world. As soon as she entered the bedroom, she flopped down on the bed. “Jenny, come here,” she cooed, smiling when the dog lay behind her, effectively spooning her.

Naya frowned when Heather didn’t say a word to her, going immediately to the bedroom upstairs, leaving Naya downstairs alone. She smiled slightly when Lucy came up to her, Naya picking her up and holding her close. “Hi, baby,” she whispered, kissing her head as she headed up the stairs, needing to change. She went into the bedroom and stayed quiet, knowing Heather needed her space and wanting to be with Jenny instead. Once she changed she pressed a kiss to Lucy’s head before putting her on the bed with Jenny. “Be good, princess,” she whispered before pulling away. “I…um. I guess I’ll see you when I’m finished,” she said sadly, making her way towards the door.

Heather buried her face in the pillow when Naya entered the bedroom, not wanting her to see that she was still ridiculously upset and angry and hurting. When she said that she’d see her when she was finished, Heather sensed the sadness in her tone. And even though she was angry, she couldn’t stand hearing it. She sighed heavily before rolling out of the bed and walking over to Naya, wrapping her arms around her before pulling back and kissing her gently. “Have a good time. I’ll see you tonight. I love you.”

Naya was about to leave the room when she saw Heather get out of the bed, coming towards her. She sighed in relief, glad Heather didn’t seem to be so mad at her. She hugged her tightly and tried to keep herself together. “I love you so much. So so much. My heart belongs to you. I love you more than anything in the world and no one can change that,” she whispered in her ear before kissing her passionately. “I’ll see you tonight, princess. I love you,” she said, blowing her a kiss as she headed out of the door.

Heather smiled lightly when Naya began whispering sweet things into her ear. “I feel the same way about you,” she whispered back, squeezing her tightly and kissing her neck. When she kissed her passionately, Heather kissed her back and tangled her hands in her hair before pulling away reluctantly for air. She definitely didn’t want to let Naya go, but she knew she had to do the shoot. “I love you too, baby. I can’t wait until you’re home again,” she smiled, catching her kiss and putting it in her pocket with a grin as she watched Naya go. Once she was gone, she climbed back into bed, getting under the covers and cuddling into all 3 dogs. She closed her eyes, wanting to just sleep whilst her fiancee was gone so that she didn’t have to miss her or think of anything horrible. After a few minutes, she soon drifted off to sleep.

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